Drumming workshop

Our tailored workshops certainly deliver some amazing sounds and fantastic vibes.

As well as providing for events/fun days our drumming workshops are easily adapted to fit in with school programs. 

Up to 30 people in a workshop. All instruments provided. Structured learning exploring a wide range of instruments leading to grand finale. Harmonious, cacophonous fun for all!

Perfect for schools, out of school clubs, nurseries, fetes, fun day and activity days.

You will create music from South America and be able to put a Latin feel into what you're doing using instruments like: Surdos, Tambourines, Agogos, Repinique and many other percussion instruments.

No skills needed. Each individual is given their own instrument and within no time at all, a great sound & vibe will be created!

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What do our clients think of our drumming workshop? 

Completely satisfied! I spent a very long time deciding what to have at our summer fete that would be ‘different’
I was amazed by the interest that Mr Bean Entertainments generated whilst running their drumming workshop. Lots of people are still talking about it.
A great sound was developed by both children and adults that had never even hit a drum before.
Thanks again and look forward to seeing you next year.
— Ellie Gladshore
What a fab experience!! I brought my children, aged 6 and 3 with me and we enjoyed it very much. Favorite workshop was drumming one, it was great to see all children playing together. Both instructors have done a great job, very well organised and fantastic equipment.

Above my expectations and will definitely recommend it.
— Ethan & Elliott Burke

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